VideoDome - HlsJS on Firefox Android


I’m not sure if the bug comes from Babylon so I post this as a question.

In my setup I use two VideoDomes whose source is are external html video tags (with content controlled by hlsjs). On Android Firefox (and only on that browser+os) the video does not load on the VideoDome which uses the 2nd player and i have a warning: <texImage: GetAsSourceSurface or GetDataSurface failed after blit failed for TexUnpackImage>.

The issue is really related to the use of a 2nd hls player. Replace one of the hls by another type of source worked but it’s not a viable option for me. If anyone has an idea of how to make 2 VideoDomes controlled by hls players work on FirefoxAndroid I’m interested!

pinging @RaananW to update him on the issue

I just checked it on firefox for android (without a debugger yet, i don’t see the console), and it seems to play correctly for me:

Does it fail on every device you tried?

Oh, and - of course - is this the expected behavior? I can see there are two video domes, i wonder if one does render and the otherone doesn’t and i don’t see it?

Thank you for the quick response!

Personally, the VideoDome with the 2nd player instanciated (front) remains black (but I can hear the audio twice). I have this problem on all my devices: Quest 1&2, S7, Xperia 5.
The expected result is that the 2 VideoDomes display the video. I make transitions between the two, but since it had no effect on the issue, I did not put it in the playground.

Are we getting a different result? I will check with my quest as well, but note that firefox reality for the quest is a wonderful concept, but sadly half baked since the team responsible for it no longer works for mozilla. I am not sure if there is any active development there.