Firefox 92.1.1 video texture renders black on Android

This worked fine on older FireFox. The video is triggered properly, the video plane changes color slightly and the sound is present. Seems like a codec issue or device issue (Huawei Mate Lite 20). The code snippet to run video is this (works for all other browsers on all platforms [PC/Mac/Android/iOS]):

public PlayVideoCurr() : void{;
var playPromise =;
if (playPromise !== undefined) {
playPromise.then(_ => {
this.mMeshPlayButton.isVisible = false;
.catch(error => {
if (
this.mMeshPlayButton.isVisible = true;
this.mMeshPlayButton.isVisible = false;

No errors reported when remote debugging via USB. Unfortunately no time to repro this right now, maybe someone observed similar behaviour?

You should open a ticket on the mozilla bug tracker as it definitely seems to be coming from their side (knowing other browsers are all good and the color is changing slightly)

@sebavan most probably your right, since the deadline is tight and this community response rate is top-notch, I am fishing here :slight_smile: The client did not observe this issue, but it pains.

I totally understand and would be happy to have a workaround for you but unfortunately I can not think of anything. Maybe somebody else ran into the same and found a magic workaround ?