VisualBrowser - Leake Street Tunnel Virtual Experience (Banksy's Revival)

Here is a mobile experience powered by Babylon.js for our 3D experience engine VisualBrowser. This virtual experience allows you to visit and interact with the world famous Leake Street Alley. Would love to get you guys feedback on this level. The goal of this is to immerse a would be visitor or a traveler interested in visiting this location to first get a feel for it virtually.


[VISUALSBROWSER | LEAKE STREET ARCHES](https://Leake Street Tunnel Virtual Experience )



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Thank you for checking up on this and providing your feedback. Just keep an eye out for the next set of levels I have in the works for this.

Looks cool, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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How was the loading screen when you tried it? I got a way to reduce the loading screen by A LOT but it is not cheap. I am talking about using a CDN network to host the files. I have also looked compressing the textures so KTX2 + CDN to make the site blazing fast

It took a very long time to load, like 30 sec plus. I know CDNs can be expensive, hope you find some sort of a workaround for best of both worlds.

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I found an affordable alternative. It’s called Pinata Cloud. They have a free plan and it looks pretty affordable and it’s very fast too. It cuts the loading time down a lot from 1Minute+ down to like 15secs for the whole level. Check it out and let me know what you think. I will start rolling that out in the newer levels. There’s so many new updates!!

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Nice! I used Pinata cloud when I was messing around with Moralis and dApps, haven’t used it in over 2 years though… Happy to hear you found a solution nonetheless :slight_smile: