Vive focus plus controllers (6dof)


Is there a way i can set a VR controller to a different type of controller, just to test? I’m using a focus plus controller which is 6dof and babylon is selecting the 3dof focus controller. I’m using 4.1.0-alpha-1 currently.


You could try overwriting GearVRController.MODEL_BASE_URL and GearVRController.MODEL_FILENAME to a different model to test it out.

Great, i’ll try it. Excuse my ignorance though would that only change the 3d model? I was hoping to be able to make the (physical) controllers inherit from a different controller to see if the 6dof (specifically the position) would update in the scene properly.


Oh, you could try this example, which doesnt load controller meshes but places boxes where the hands are instead

Oh yes, that would be perfect. However I cant see a link in your post?

@rorjarr Sorry heres the link let me know if it doesnt work for you