Voronoi node noise artifact

repro: Babylon.js Node Material Editor

Its most obvious when the animate speed param is set from 0 to 20. On the plane mesh in the preview pane, there is a point near the bottom left where the noise value never changes. Is this wai?

When I did a quick shader using materialPlugin with voronoi from shadertoy, there is no artifact.

Would you be able to show a video of the problem? I don’t seem to be able to reproduce, or maybe I don’t look at the right spot?

I don’t have a video but the spot is somewhere towards the bottom left.


It never changes regardless of how fast the noise animation runs and is the only cell that doesn’t change its center. Kinda obvious from my end.

repro: Babylon.js Playground

Pulled bjs’s voronoi shader codes and shadertoy’s and put them in 1 PG for easier comparison. Bjs’s has 1 cell that doesn’t move at all (somewhere top left in plane in PG) while the other works fine.

It appears that vec2(sin(uv.y * offset) * 0.5 + 0.5, cos(uv.x * offset) * 0.5 + 0.5); is returning fixed values for some range of offset values.

You’re right, I was only looking at the corners and not high enough!

I don’t know where our code comes from, maybe @sebavan will?

nope, I think the noise has been developed by @Deltakosh ?

Nope it was done by @Pryme8

ahah it is like reading an history book !!! @phaselock want to submit a PR for the fix ?

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I have a long weekend coming up, will try to submit then if it hasn’t been taken yet. :slight_smile: