My 2020 Projects

Hi Everyone,
I want to thank this community for all the things they’ve helped with this year.
An amazing community with an amazing engine!!

It’s not all BabylonJS but I just wanted to share it here;
These are some of my 2020 projects (the presentable ones)

Some screenshots:

Most of the code will be uploaded to my GitHub all through January (It might seem empty now but it’ll be full soon).
My Shadertoy: TheNosiriN - Shadertoy BETA

Thank you for watching, and have a Happy New Year!!!


I love those dunes, what is the theory behind them?

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It’s voronoi noise, it’s quite slow but a million times faster than gradient noise

It made through a basic fbm

The render looks pretty from afar because it was using a precomputed permutation table which allowed me to render it in realtime with pretty colors, but the table has precision issues up close.

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