VR on iPhone, how to get in fullscreen mode and canvas aspect ratio problem

Is there a solution for Chrome on iOS to display VR mode in “fullscreen”? When I go in VR mode in landscape orientation I get the address bar of browser shown and I can’t remove it by scrolling. I have an idea on how to fix this but I just want to ask here if there is an existing solution before I get my hands on it.
Another thing is if the address bar is shown, the aspect ratio of the canvas is not correct, the view is deformed in height by the height of the address bar (I assume that is the value but I’m not sure).

I’m providing a screenshot from iPhone 8 Plus as a reference here:

pinging @syntheticmagus

Hi vedrrran,

I’m not much of an iOS expert, but according to @Deltakosh going fullscreen isn’t supported on iOS. If you find a workaround for this, though, please let us know!

Hi @syntheticmagus
Yes, there is no way to go full fullscreen as far as I know, that’s why I had it written like “fullscreen” :slight_smile: . I was thinking about html/css embed solution where you get a small version of address bar (appears after scrolling some amount of content). I’ll get back here if I manage something.

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