WalkTheWeb 3D Internet (3D CMS using BabylonJS) - Just went Open-Source!

I created a 3D CMS called WalkTheWeb built with BabylonJS and released it Open-Source yesterday!

It is designed to be the WordPress for creating Games!

It basically is a host for 3D Websites that can connect and includes multiplayer and avatars. It is still a Work in Progress… but did a major step with this release!

You can download it at: https://github.com/HTTP3D/WalkTheWeb

Catch me on WalkTheWeb.tv almost every day (WalkTheWeb at Twitch - Follow me to know when I am on). Watch Demos and Code Time…

I am now adding the ability to add Plugins! Programmers will be able to make money creating Freemium plugins - even using native Babylonjs code and Blender exported files with animation!

Programmers can also use it to create 3D Shopping Experiences for their customers!
Imagine visiting a website with a bowling alley and a t-shirt 3D Store… sounds fun to me!

I will keep improving it!

Please check it out!


Here are a couple images of the Admin side of 3D CMS…

Is this thought of to make games by drag n drop. Like you do websites with wordpress. Is this the idea? Seems interesting.

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Great work!
Seems that you need to enhance visual side a bit.

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I agree about the visual side… Work in progress, and by going open source, maybe get some help…
I want to to grow faster than I can do it alone.

Yea, it is like making game modules that plugin… and we all share the same standards base code.

The base can include things like multiplayer, avatar functionality, logins, and some core security and safe measures.

Then it loads and unloads things as your avatar moves around.

Also, I haven’t had time to make new samples since I created the open source… so they will definitely improve.