Water looks like mercury

I added water to my scene (using @babylonjs/materials/water/waterMaterial) but it looks too much like mercury to me. Are there any parameters that I can change to get a little less reflection and a little more roughness on the water?

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Adding @julien-moreau for the water material as I know he was planning on improving it i guess :wink:

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you may want to reduce the fresnel value in the shader so you can have a bit of refraction


Turn it into a feature and ship it.

The world made of mercury oceans :laughing:

For what its worth, in a dark scene, (like with a starscape) the water looks really on point in that scenario.

As for daytime water, did you look at this demo? https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1SLLOJ#20

There’s a few things they did that make the water look more real

These affect roughness and the ‘color’ of the water. that will make it look less like the T-1000 and impossibly smooth.

Instead, a blue HUE ( see more blue than R or G ) also increase the bump height, making the smoothness go down.

	water.waterColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.2, 0.2, 0.6);
	water.colorBlendFactor = 0.3;
	water.bumpHeight = 0.4;
	water.waveLength = 0.1;

here is the bump texture they are using: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/textures/waterbump.png

I’m sure you could use something else? When i google around I find lots of options, depending on the way the water is used, such as a pool vs the ocean.

I want to point out another thing, there’s a plane beneath the water with a texture that looks like rocks. Do you have something like this, or is it void or ‘a textureless plane’ beneath yours? that seems to help the illusion.

Its that, but you can see the scale was cranked up in the demo

here is another playground example with something in the water

I feel like that is a lot more convincing as well. They used 0 for the colorBlendFactor in that one, and also the same bump texture.

I’m watching this thread pretty closely, I’d also love pointers on making better water. I feel like it looks best in shallow water, but is less convincing for ‘deep’ water.


@sebavan is right, the water material is planned to be rebuilt and cover more use cases with better results. You’ll get notified once the work begins :slight_smile: