WebGPU and Point Size

Hey guys, after switching to WebGPU our point size is being ignored. I’ve tried it on the playground and it also seems to be off. I saw some commits that were supposed to fix it, but it does not seem to be working. Check these 2 playgrounds, thanks!

This is a way we were creating points in our codebase

Point size is something which is not supported by WebGPU (because not supported by DX12/Vulkan/Metal), see:

We will have to make a workaround for it, but I’m not sure it is an easy fix to have it working transparently…

hey @Evgeni_Popov thanks for this explanation! Now I remembered seeing this thread, but finding those commits confused me into thinking it was somehow solved :slight_smile:

For the time being I guess I’ll implement points as small instanced cubes or spheres, that should work for now. Thanks again.

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