Webgpu ships by default in chrome beta 113

trying to test this webgpu demo out on the new chrome 113 beta which has webgpu enabeld by default,

Any ideas why this demo does not work?

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@Baktrian I’m not on the beta version, but can you confirm your chrome://flags/
Sounds strange it would be enabled by default?

It could also be the babylon demo / webgpu detection that is not accepting chrome’s implementation yet/for some reason

looks like the specification is shipped in the beta version, at least for chrome windows / macosx.

I’m on linux and it seems like that will be supported later this year. Will test it out on windows now.


can confirm it works well on windows chrome beta 113. no flags to set. works by default!


It seems that the performance of webgpu has not improved much compared to webgl

Do I need to set some parameters to achieve the expected performance?

cc @Evgeni_Popov

See this section of the doc for optimization strategies in WebGPU:

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