Webgpu on android

It’s finally here, tried my first babylon.js webgpu demo on my android


I didn’t even know WebGPU could run on Android!


It was released like 4 days ago on chrome canary :slightly_smiling_face:


Woooooooooooo that’s great! Nice to see the support finally increasing

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That’s awesome! Can you explain steps to enable it on Android? I got canary and set unsafe WebGPU flag in about://flags, but it still does not work

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Welcome to the community!

What do you see when you try to see the demo?

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Seems that canary recent webgpu implementation broke the playgrounds

which should have been fixed. does it still fail?

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only this pg worked for me, the rest don’t work

CC @Evgeni_Popov

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All the wgsl PGs (as the one from the first post) won’t work because of this problem. I’m currently working on it.


Great news everyone!

Even though WebGPU doesn’t seem to increase performance much for my game on PC, I still got my hopes up for Android.

Please inform us in this topics on developments!

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