WebXR mode invert a textures

Hello! Please help me understand why WebXR mode (AR) invert my textures?

Have you tried walking around to the other side? does the texture have both sides?

On other side of this coin have a texture and it’s inverted too.
This screenshot was created after exit XR mode

that’s interesting. care to reproduce that on the playground?

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Could you please suggest me the correct way to enable shadows in XR mode? Now this only works in non xr mode.

I take it your first question was resolved?

shadows work the same in XR as they work on the desktop. I checked in both VR mode and AR mode, and the shadows show correctly. What are you using and what are you trying to do when you don’t see the shadows?

I use defaultExperience and first problem was no resolved and shadows not working

Can you show me how it looks on your phone?

Hi. I see same problems on redmi note 8 with latest chrome. 1) no shadows 2) model looks like mesh has inverted normals and maybe problems with shadows because normals inverted

are there any errors in the console? Your session might not start correctly. Maybe missing features?

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