Weird Chrome Mobile Security issue

Howdy folks,

Weird issue here, that I am not 100% is even a bug, with AR demos hosted on own website when viewed through Android phone.

To be more precise: I host the most basic AR demo (the one one that just draws a sphere) on my own server. I get a really weird glitch that displays the standard Google Chrome security issue with ‘unprotected server’. This happens only when I view the AR demo hosted on my hosted website. This does not happen when I view the first AR demo on official Babylon.js site nor when I host non-AR app on my website. Extremely weird but I something I need to rectify. Any clues?

Device when accessed through mobile: Samsung Galaxy 10 / Google Chrome.
Website has SSL.

Is it possible to know the link which you’ve opened in order to test it?
I didn’t find in Google search “standard Google Chrome security issue with ‘unprotected server’”. What is the message you’ve got?
The most possible reason of such problem, based on information you’ve provided, is that you serve or load some content (maybe images or 3D models) in https over http (unsecured). Do you have this problem only with Android Chrome or it persists in any case from any device?

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