Weird texture line while rendering a reflection material


I am trying to create a material with a reflection using a texture but I get this weird line (shown in the screenshot) only for certain image textures (but not for all). What is this caused by and how can I solve this? It seems like it’s also only affecting a sphere mesh and not for example a plane.

I thought this might have been caused by a sort of edge in the texture itself but even when I crop the same texture to be sure of that, the edge still remains.

This is the test material used:

This is the texture being used: las-vegas-usa-april-2017-full-seamless-hdri-panorama-360-degrees-angle-view-interior-elite-luxury-vip-casino-with-billiard-table-green-style-equirectangular-spherical-projection-vr-content_97694-10170 (3).pg.png - Google Drive


It’s the mipmapping which generates these artifacts. I’m not sure if there’s another solution than disabling mipmapping: