What could be causing memory to creep upwards for this PG in safari?

(make sure its a fresh tab or window so setInterval errors don’t interfere )

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 1.13.49 PM

Its a pretty consistent pattern of a slow creep upwards

This is where it starts at for allocations:

This is where its at after running for 5 minutes:

It seems a new NodeMaterial instance is instantiated every time, and it is not disposed. If you look at the inspector, the NodeMaterial id look like this mat1659126265174 is keep growing.

This should work:

                setTimeout(() => {
                }, 1000)
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Yes that does seem much more stable. I thought being attached to the mesh, that might have already happened.

Sadly I already do that in my app which continues to be a pain on (mobile) Safari :frowning: oh well, back to the drawing board