Surprisingly big memory footprint on Safari against Chromium

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I have done some testing due to reaching memory limits on iOS devices. I’ve spent some time testing my own application specifically until I reached what is seemingly bare minimum oddities. We load a lot of external models which can spike the memory A LOT on iOS devices (hitting the ~2GB limit, forcing a page refresh). Using chrome seems to handle any case just fine, resting around 400 MB.

So, bare bones testing:
On Mac (Safari), it seems that any scene runs almost THRICE and up the memory footprint compared to chrome.
I spent some time searching on the web, finding any related observations where Safari uses a surprisingly big footprint on WebGL applications, but I haven’t found anything relevant. The closest I could find was this other forum post

Following is 2 screenshots of the plain default scene when going to the playground.

I’d love to hear any ideas or thoughts to this. And also wish you an amazing day as always :star2:

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To be that big I would think the GPU memory is added in whereas in Chrome you would see it on the GPU process and Gpu Memory tab ?

Sorry, seems like the tabs got clipped. On chromium, memory footprint is resting around 300 MB, with GPU memory around 17 MB. I assume that the memory footprint column displays the total memory usage of the tab

I think you should compare outside of the playground to prevent the monaco editor and all other extra pieces to be there. It might be simpler to check.

Note that in Brave you have 200Mb of brave process + an extra 118Mb of Gpu process.

Those might be factored in for Safari.

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