What format is the SpriteMap atlasJSON?

What tool is generating this atlas json? And what is the point of it, especially since the sprite map elements need to be uniform size? Why can’t we just load a texture, tell the sprite map the size of the tiles, are start running?

What would be the workflow when using a sprite sheet from somewhere like https://opengameart.org/ since these artists aren’t going to be providing a json like this with with their already standard sprite sheet?

Hah I realized it reads a bit bitter, I’m really just confused =D. Am I missing a tool in the BabylonJS SpriteMap workflow?


cc @Pryme8

Is the software, as far as making your own you just need to make a json that follows the same format and tells the map where different sprites are on that texture.

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Thanks, I knew there must have been something in the middle I was missing!

Its pretty limited too, this was made quite some time ago.

There was an updated version that never got merged that was and extension of the standard material so it had way more rendering possibilities. If I get some free time ill try to get that merged.