Whats the correct format for Babylon?

seeing a couple of different formating options around the places, what it the correct formating for Babylon Js. when referencing it as text?

Babylon JS

Thanks. Werner

Interesting question. Do you mean as a ‘brand’ or ‘brand name’?
I’m not 100% sure, I will let the stakeholders answer… but I sure do hope it’s as in the logo (or else we would have kind of a branding issue here :wink: If so, @Deltakosh @PirateJC let me know…I could help with that :wink:

basically yes.
I thought to do it like in the logo: babylon.js
Would that be appropriate?

I suggest you wait for a reply from the team (also because I’m interested in reading it :wink:
Else, that’s what I did, assuming this would be correct.


Adding @PatrickRyan which is taking a lot of care for our branding :slight_smile:

Hi. just wanted to check if there are any more opinions on that?

When using the name in text, we should always use Babylon.js. There are times when you see a deviation from that style but most of the time that will be due to a limitation around the use of a period. These instances include the name of our web servers (babylonjs.com) or our YouTube channel or Medium account (babylonjs). But outside these cases where a limitation on the use of a period exists, we should stay consistent with the style Babylon.js in text.


Hey Patrick.
Thank you for that clarification!
That helps me a lot.
All the best.

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So, I can see from the above that you Guys don’t need me for that… how sad :wink:
On the other hand, it’s good to see that this part is also mastered and level with the overall quality of the framework :smiley: