When rotating the view from top to down parts are overlapping at some point


I have a weird visualization results

Scene contains only two single and simple parts
When rotating the view from top to down, they are visually overlapping on some camera angles.

Test and Check can be done here https://playground.babylonjs.com/#NXT1DQ#6

This is even more obvious on bigger scene where the visual effect is unusual.

The issue is only with some specific camera angle
This issue reminds me some bad OpenGL normal orientation but it seems that normals are ok.

Normals looks coherent here .

All your materials have “transparency mode=alpha blend”. So the system will sort the meshes and display them from back to front instead of using the zbuffer, which will produce those artifacts. As it seems there’s no transparency in your textures, you should set the transparency mode to OPAQUE for your materials.

This one looks better - https://playground.babylonjs.com/#NXT1DQ#7

scene.materials.forEach((mat) => mat.transparencyMode = BABYLON.Material.MATERIAL_OPAQUE);