When using a Fog Block and a Reflection Block only skybox mode works

Hey all,

I am getting some errors in this really simple scene, and I was able to narrow down how to reproduce them here

It looks like when there’s a Fog Block and a Reflection Block, I can only set the “Reflection mode” dropdown to “Skybox”, for all the other options I get a compilation error:

:7:20: Shader compilation error: VERTEX SHADER ERROR: 0:120: 'normalize' : no matching overloaded function found ERROR: 0:120: 'xyz' : field selection requires structure, vector, or interface block on left hand side ERROR: 0:120: 'constructor' : not enough data provided for construction

Thanks for the repro, here’s the PR:

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The fix is now on the playground.

You can use this url for the fixed material: https://nme.babylonjs.com/#B4EYRJ#13

You can’t easily fix it yourself because you need to update the .json file manually for the fix to be effective.

Thank you very much @Evgeni_Popov, I appreciate the quick fix!