Where Do You Purchase Your Templates and 3D Assets for Babylon.js?

Hey fellow Babylon.js enthusiasts!

I hope you’re all doing great and enjoying your journey with this fantastic framework. I have a question for you today, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

As we work on our Babylon.js projects, we often find ourselves in need of high-quality templates and 3D assets to enhance our scenes. These resources can save us time and effort, allowing us to focus on the creative aspects of our projects. So, my question is: where do you usually purchase your templates and 3D assets for Babylon.js?

I’m aware that Unity developers frequently utilize the Unity Store, which offers a vast selection of assets. Have any of you tried using the Unity Store for Babylon.js projects? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences, particularly regarding the licenses. Did you encounter any licensing issues or restrictions when using Unity Store assets in Babylon.js? How did you handle those situations?

Additionally, I’m interested in exploring other platforms or marketplaces where we can find quality templates and 3D assets specifically for Babylon.js. Are there any platforms you’ve had positive experiences with and would recommend to the community? It could be dedicated marketplaces, asset stores, or any other sources you find reliable and suitable for Babylon.js projects.

Please feel free to share your insights, recommendations, and any valuable experiences you’ve had when acquiring templates and 3D assets for Babylon.js. Your input will undoubtedly be helpful to many of us looking to enhance our projects with the right resources.

Best regards,
Deny Heam

Hi !

I use https://sketchfab.com/, there’s a ton of downloadable models, including free ones :slight_smile:

Well, there’s no store for BJS assets, obviously. And then a 3D asset remains an asset no matter what engine it’s used in. I don’t think this forum can recommend third-parties/marketplaces that are not from the ecosystem, so I won’t give any names/links (sorry). Though, from my experience and for whatever type of template or asset (video, 2d, 3d…) I found that there’s no site that 100% guarantees the quality of the asset in store. And the name of the publisher makes it safer, but is still not a 100% warranty. Generally, when using a paid asset, I wanna make sure the creator/publisher is still active and replies to whatever potential issue. This at least ensures that if something is wrong, you might receive support.
In fact no matter if free or paid. Paid doesn’t ensure a quality asset. And when, its free you might want to account the possibility that you will eventually have to invest some efforts (==time ==money) to normalize it or to fine-tune it to your needs/standards.
I bet this is not the answer you wanted but it’s the best I can give you. I usually check the specs, comments, number of downloads and as I said, creator/publisher’s activity. Based on that, I give it a chance. It works ~85% of the time for me. Else, I might need to invest more efforts and sometimes (rarely) I just lost $10-15 :grin:

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There are some other cool places to get assets like:
Assets · Kenney
Poly Haven

All of these respective sites have their licensing/crediting terms accessible

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I mainly use this: (paid models on DexsoftGames and free ones on free3d.
Then just open them with 3D software and export them in .babylon or .gltf

turbosquid (Pro) :

free3d :

cgtrader :

Funny, I’ve been using this one too, since… (gee, am I old :wink:)… I have to say I got some nice models from it… but then, I also remember I wasted some money on models I couldn’t use. Still one of the sites I keep as a reference. And I also still have my login and eventually, even some credits :grin:

Hi @Deny_Heam :slight_smile:

People above have given some good suggestions for asset sources, but I have a question. Are you working just by yourself, or are you part of a team? If part of a team, I would suggest that you add a skilled 3D creator to your team. If an individual, I suggest you perhaps learn a little about using 3D software (Blender is free and there are 100s of tutorials on YouTube on how to use it).

I suggest the above because there can be issues with even the best models available on the various suggested sites eg. the transforms (particularly scale, rotation and position transforms). If you use one model from from site A and another from site B, the is no guarantee that they will have the same scale attributes. See image below - a chest that is 1.5 meters along the X axis - but the key is almost 1 meter along the X axis. Not a good fit - and both models came from the same source!

Also, I’ve seen models with missing faces or incorrect normals over the years.

While models may come with textures, you may want to change the texture eg. change the texture on a wall from brick to stone or vice-versa, or perhaps make the brick or stone look overgrown with leaves. Or perhaps change the texture on a humanoid figure. Such changes may require changes in UVs or image repetition.

If you have a terrain - does it have to follow particular contours? And how might you adapt it to the Babylon MixMaterial code?

While assets sites can be very useful, there can be problems.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Image 1 Scale issues :

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Do you have any recommendations for platforms where to get scripts for babylonjs? I am currently creating a gui and looking for suitable assets, besides 2d sprites, is there also a place where to get working code snippets? Also would it be possible to transfer elements from online hosted playground scenes into my local hosted enviroment?

Well, you ARE on that place :slight_smile: the Forum and Playground are the main places where you’ll find stuff. But If you want something specifically tailored to your needs, the best bet would be to use Service offers and requests

What do you mean by “elements” here? If you’re talking about using PG code offline, you should check The Very First Step | Babylon.js Documentation which goes step by step of the process.


You would need to be more specific towards your needs and you will likely get the help or the input you need. In short, BJS is a creative environment. There’s no store of preformated ‘gui’ templates (may be I should create one and make some money from it :money_mouth_face: :grin:). In the doc, you’ll find examples for nearly all gui ‘elements’ (containers and controls). There are also some examples from the Editor and in this forum, people (like me) sometimes post extracts of a GUI (created with code or with the editor) and then, there’s also the Figma to BJS plugin. May be you can find some Figma samples and next use the tool to export them to BJS.
Suggestion for the next step: May be you should start by making a selection of examples that reflects what you want to do? Just make some screenshots and post them with your explanation of how you want to adapt those to your needs. From there, we can at least try to orientate you.
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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If you like design and 3D illustration related assets, you can check out pixcap.com


Nice link for cartoonesque design models. Very consistent and cute. Yet, one would need to look for this type of design. I’m not doing much cartoon design but I will keep trace, just in case. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I was trying to say something similar and overall, I do agree.
But I also bounced on some nice work (I got for nothing or not much). Even simple assets take time to create. Typically, I would never purchase a globe or an arrow. It’s easier, faster and more accurate to do yourself. But, getting more complex assets for free or for $10, even with some efforts required to adapt/normalize is sometimes hard to compete with when going full custom.