Where is pointcloud in the materials options?

In the inspector I can turn pointcloud on and off, but for the life of me, I cannot find the variable in the pbr materials options nor can I find documentation on it.

Here they are - Material | Babylon.js Documentation
mat.pointsCloud = true;
Example - Babylon.js Playground

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yeah, so, weirdly, this is definitely not working for me…

lines 187 188

other operations on those meshes work just fine

do you think it could be a VR thing?

At line 187 there is
task.loadedMeshes[0]._children[1]._children[0].pointsCloud = true;
But pointsCloud accessor relates to Material, not to Mesh class.
Should be like
task.loadedMeshes[0]._children[1]._children[0].material.pointsCloud = true;

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oof, that was a goof, thank you

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