Where to save the code and How to use?

Hi there,

I am a 3D Artist & I am very much new to coding …

All I see most of the tutorials they say playground is the place where we can write up the code and execute on the right-side of the playground in the same window…
My problem is i do all the coding part and get the desired results on the rightpart of the playground window… but after that is I wanted to showcase my work to some one what is the way…
And if i wanted to reedit the code and make some changes how do i do… bcoz once i close the wind every thing is gone … the code is not more saved any where…

so is there any way i can store all my code and the end result of my visuals some where… and keep all my works as showcase etc.

Click this button to save~

Look at this:

Once you save, it will change:
It means that when you store your PG, BBL store code in service and link to a new url, each saving link to its own unique url, you can send the url to other who you want to share for. You can also open the old url to find your history saving code. (You need to remenber the end number when you lastly finish your work)


@Moriy a very clear and consise answer. I wouuld add that it worth bookmarking you PG (playground) after saving it.

For a fuller description of the playground see


Thank you so much …
One more clarification
Can i use Github for storing the code … i m new to github too…

The answer is a most definite yes. You should find reading this page very helpful.

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