Which DCC tools support GLTF custom properties (metadata)?

Export GLTF/GLB with custom properties is easy in Blender.
But, for example, Cinema4D GLTF exporter doesn’t have such options at the moment.
The question is: which DCC tools (Maya, 3ds etc) have embedded support for GLTF metadata export?

Maybe @PatrickRyan or @bghgary could help on this one ?

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@labris, I know there was support put into our 3ds Max exporter to handle custom attributes written as extras in the glTF file. There isn’t support in Maya for custom attributes when exporting to glTF because, as I remember, there wasn’t a great way to set these custom attributes in a way we could access them for export. Beyond the DCC tools that we had created exporters for, I don’t know of others.

I know that Houdini has glTF import and export and I believe that Modo does as well. However, I don’t know if either of those handle custom attributes. Substance painter can also export a glTF, but that one definitely does not handle custom attributes.

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@PatrickRyan Thanks for the information. Seems that anyway Blender will be the final tool in the whole ‘tagging’ pipeline.


It’s possible in Houdini as well and a lot more there. Houdini is totally node based and different than any other DCC tools ( not sure if its even classified as DCC ) Given what it is though and its procedural nature, its very handy that it easily(except licensing) can run in headless mode / inside a docker container as well. Great for scaling a workflow with container orchestration frameworks / services :+1:

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