Which engine capabilities are the best predictors of general performance?

Looking at engine capabilities does anyone have an idea which combination of these would be the best predictors of general performance?

My current project loads the same assets regardless of target device but I’m using features like custom shaders, soft shadows and reflection probes which impact performance so I’d like to only enable some of the advanced features on higher spec machines.

I know I can do an initial frame rate test, but for some of these advanced features it requires I dispose of objects and re-instantiate which I’d prefer to avoid. I’d rather use a ballpark prediction like highQuality = supportsWebGL2 && maxTexSize >= 8192 && maxSamples >= 8 prior to creating my scene, if possible.

There is no answer to your question unfortunately.
It depends on the device, the GPU, the speed of the RAM, the device ratio, etc…

It has to be dynamic unfortunately :frowning:

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OK thanks @Deltakosh