Old Android phone environmental light problems: completely white


I tried to give a detailed title for anyone searching for this in the future, since I didn’t find anything too useful myself.

I’m experiencing an issue on my android (Version 7) phone. As soon as the environmental texture is loaded in. Parts of the mesh exposed to spotlights are rendered completely white.

I can fix this by removing the texture and that’s no big deal, as I can just create a low fidelity version of the scene to cater towards this issue. But how do you know when this issue will actually happen? Is it actually the android version? The browser (Chrome 90.0.4430.210) seems up to date and uses WebGL 2.0.

Additionally the metallic texture on PBR Materials block the specular of the spotlight. Here I can also live with removing the texture, but as I said I would like to know when they aren’t supported.

Hey and thanks for your post.

Can you share a tiny repro in the PG so we can have a look?

Too much light is pretty easy to solve. When you have 2 sources you can either lower the light intensity & with PBR there is also intensityMode

light.intensity = 0.7 ;
light.intensityMode = BABYLON.Light.INTENSITYMODE_AUTOMATIC or

Since you have shadows though, you are probably better changing the environmentIntensity on the desired materials below 1.0


I made some interesting findings just now. Like 20 saves later in my PG the model isn’t getting lit up like that anymore. Kind of weird, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t change anything that should’ve affected that.
I’m guessing it has to do with the order textures are getting loaded in. In the later PG version the environment texture is loading kind of longer, at least that’s what it feels like

Now only materials without textures are lit up white like that. You can get rid of that by turning off the spotlights. Interestingly enough the white is only on the faces pointing towards the light last activated. I have pretty high intensities set on the spotlights and counter overillumination by tuning down direct and specular intensity on the materials. But for the affected materials it feels like they disregard the intensity settings.

Changing the environment intensity has no effect.