Why does 2nd texture use first SVG?

In this Babylon.js Playground there are 2 SVG-based textures setup, one red and one blue, but the resulting materials both use the first SVG-based texture. Why is that? How can this playground be modified to show the blue SVG-based texture on the right instead of the red one?

Giving each texture a unique name works …

Oh wow, thanks. I wouldn’t have thought of that. I didn’t realize the names were significant.

I don’t think names are usually significant (I’d need to check), but maybe there’s something else going on in this svg case that someone else maybe able to shed light on?

Just checked the codebase and I see what’s happening now. For image textures the url becomes the name and is used for caching. But when using Texture.LoadFromDataString there is no url and if the name is left blank, the texture ends up with the name "data:" so if there are multiple textures created from data strings without names, the first texture is always retrieved from cache as they have the same name.

Ya, makes sense. Thanks