Why doesn't scale gizmo allow negative scaling?

Every 3D software package does it, and it’s far more intuitive… Currently it’s impossible to scale negatively using the existing scale gizmos :pensive:

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Hi @mrlooi

It’s a design choice (and it removes a lot of pain when dealing with negative scales). If you want to scale negatively an object, you can use the inspector.

Is it because BJS doesn’t support negative scales that well in general? Just wondering if this is an internal engine issue or just the gizmo issue

If it’s an engine issue not handling negative scales well, it should be shown as a warning in the documentations?

It’s a gizmo limitation. Also because we never had such a demand.

Gotcha, so the engine should be able to handle negative scales no problem? I’ve seen issues in older BJS versions with negative scaling etc, not sure if they have been patched!

Negative scales are supported. For example with loading a gltf which is not the same hand as the scene (Left/Right hand coordinate systems)

Cool, thanks for clearing that up Cedric!

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