Wierd effect on scene

I just loaded a cube model in the BabylonJS Sandbox, and loaded a .hdr file for light source. Then I am seeing an effect like below on the environment and the same is reflected on the model too.

In my project also I am facing the same issue, I am using PBR material with roughness value 1. Still there is some unwanted reflection like the same which is in above image. How to solve this?

I can’t see anything in the first circle you drew(?) Would you be able to setup a repro in the Playground so we can better understand?

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please have a look into this. you will see some pattern like circles on the surface of the sphere.
I attached the screenshot of it also.

If you unable to see any thing in this screenshot. Just increase the brightness of your monitor and zoom it , then you will see the effect What I am trying to mention.

If your problem is the same as this one (but less pronunced):

I’m not sure a lot can be done about it, as you already use hdr=true

You can try to change the tone mapping to ACES:

defaultPipeline.imageProcessing.toneMappingType =
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You could add a bit of grain to soften the artifact: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#5CE5CN#3

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This is slightly worked. But It makes the overall scene dull.

Maybe you can raise the value of scene.environmentIntensity?

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