Wingnut Chronicles... I Get It Now

Hey Larry,

Firstly, I think the search engine for the site could be dramatically improved. I tried to find the Wingnut Chronicles to post to; but came up with nothing to search after more than ten minutes.

@Wingnut - so you see this.

I recall you posting a video by the band Blues Image a few years ago, and thought it was appropriate at the time… but wrote that you might have made a better choice for the message. Now I couldn’t agree more with you. The song talks about a few men who traveled to find others to join them and no one would accept the adventure with them. In retrospect, I found this the same with my choice in pursuing WebGL at the time as no one saw this as the future. Here’s the song again. If you haven’t heard this before, please listen to the message in the words…

At the time I couldn’t get anyone in the professional industry to consider the future and possibilities of WebGL and specifically babylon.js. And at the time, there were just a few of us believers. Now I go to the forum, and I can’t even keep up with the number of people coming into seeing the future of online games and apps. Thus, I really appreciate your insight at the time. I’ve always been a true believer, and appreciate your friendship over these past years.

I’m not certain what the future holds for me personally, as I face many challenges. I might accept a job as Motion Capture Supervisor at Disney Animation in the newly formed virtual reality department, but am not certain if I’ll make it through the next couple of months in order to take on a new challenge. But if I do, I think it’s time to take on the next twenty years of motion capture development as the industry has finally caught up with my work after the past twenty years. So if I can, I think I’ll try and develop the next twenty years as well; as hard as it may be.

I only mention this as you, @Deltakosh, @davrous (where is he now?), @JCPalmer, and so many others (not to mention @Pryme8 - prick… just kidding!) which I haven’t listed have been believers for so many years without much notice. And now babylon.js is coming of age into an accepted professional framework.

So I wanted to give you the props for sharing the vision of what WebGL could become and is shortly to be. Good on you.

Anyway, I didn’t want to create a new topic for this, but again couldn’t find any search parameters for the Wingnut Chronicles. Keep moving forward, and I’ll do my best to keep in touch.




Hiya Galen. Did you find the TWC archive ok? It was mentioned somewhere in THIS thread…

I wasn’t given perms to post the URL to the TWC archive… more than once… so you’ll need to dig the URL out of that thread, then visit the archive, read the “backstory” paragraph… to learn what happened when I learned that there were paid-to-dev-BJS folk… nearby.

Anyway, MANY are quite angry with me… for shooting straight about my feelings… so I’ll shut up now.

Darned good to see you. Are you healthy? I hope so. You said a few things that make me worry about you. I hope you’re surviving and finding SOME happiness… in this “Mad World”. Daily racing, going nowhere.

Oops, links to videos is probably illegally off-topic. Sorry everyone… I apologize with a little more and some more… Haley Reinhart / Post-Modern Jukebox. Nobody can stay sad very long, after listening to her and friends “swank-it-up” all over the freq-spectrums, eh?

(Wingy ice-augers thru the ice beneath his feet, checking thickness. Seems ok, so far) (brow wipe)

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Hey @Wingnut,

I was searching for the new Wingnut Chronicles and couldn’t find them on the new forum. And by the way, who is angry with you? If so, I don’t get it as you have always been a straight shooter from my experience.

Yeah, I’m not sure about the future, however my guess is that I’ll be alright… perhaps unfortunately. I’ll just be off the forum for a while unless something changes. But I won’t tune out until May 7th, so I’ll be on until then. Happiness is relative, isn’t it? I can’t blame others for my misconceptions. Life goes on anyway. Hopefully I’ll be writing you from a desk a Disney in a couple of months. I just thought of you as this video came on to play when I logged onto YouTube.

So here’s a tune for you and all the babylonions…

You have a great way of expressing how you feel at the moment. Don’t change that… your motives have always been in favor of moving forward with the vision of this framework. I’ll be in touch.



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Yeah, my “vomiting” was just sort-of at the wrong place… at the wrong time. But not really.

I just purse-dumped. I vomited my entire hatred of capitalism… onto everything within reach and within earshot. It was… refreshing and cleansing. Sort of like a high-colonic of activism. :smiley:

As soon as I finished (or as soon as the complainers finished ME)… I drank a bottle of Budweiser Barium and then stood in front of my big-screen TV… to see what would be displayed. Nothing interesting… but the TV shut off… cuz I hadn’t taken a shower for a long while. :slight_smile:

May 7th, huh? That gives us some time to do some steering. Need work? Did ya get a sheep in trouble? If you need something “taken-out”, (like a bag of trash, or a car alternator, or a poopy pet, or a rotted stump)… just holler. I got “my peeps” who work-with “dirty things”. :slight_smile:

I hope everything goes ok for ya. If ya need me to fly-in and get ya… with one of the MS corporate jets…just holler… I’ll be there… with pizza and Schlitz. No problem. (…as it applies to webGL/BJS) <- culpability disclaimer. :smiley:

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Brain tumor. Having my head cracked in a few weeks. I might take you up on the pizza and beer if I’m able. I think I confused people by the last video posting. Here’s the real message about what we do on this forum.

It’s been a wild ride…


OMG!!! NO!!! Crap! erf! I’m SO SORRY to hear that, David. wtf!

You DO have something needing “taken out”, but I didn’t include/expect-to-need-to-include… THAT… on my list. I’m not sure I’m qualified for that level of taken-out.

Have they tried pushing a bar straw into your ear, and pouring a few drops of wart-remover into it?

(Wingy trying desperately to make himself less-sad about this bummer news/situation, as self-centered as that is.)


If anyone can roll right thru this bump-in-the-road, it’s you. You have a long history of getting past bumps… always maintaining a working suspension on the other side. This will be no different.

Oh, and the technology they have for doing these kinds of minor tweaks? Truly amazing! Hell, their robotic surgery tools MIGHT be using some of YOUR spatial calculation formulas! If so, those machines are top-of-the-line precise and heart-powered.

I don’t have hardly anything to bring to the table, to help (other than high-hopes, and the keys to a Microsoft Cessna Citation business jet). All of our thoughts and best wishes will be with you ALL THE WAY, DB. You have a HUGE team around here… who know you are a BJS trailblazer and a “scientist of spatialization”… about 8-12 years ahead-of the average genius.

We’re going to need your help… TONS… as the AR world goes active. Don’t even THINK ABOUT trying to weasel out-off that future mission. It’ll take an extra 5 years to get the job done… if you play hookie. :slight_smile:

I just added a cross-continent chakra-power transmission tower to my c-stack… and I’m beaming a 2.5 terra-watt multi-color sizzler-beam at you. If my “beam” is as powerful as I have heard it is… you won’t need any crack-opens, cuz you’ll poop-out that wussy tumor… in a few days. It might be a slightly heavier “grunting endeavor” than average days, but it’s worth the ef-fart.

Yeah, WE’re going to kick that thing’s butt. Easy! I think I even have some playgrounds I made… coded SO BADLY… that they could squish that thing into non-existence. Unfortunately, the side-affects of being near a badly-coded Wingy playground… could leave you bewildered for the rest of your life… maybe with a permanent head-shaking-of-embarrassed-disgust… from seeing the code. :slight_smile:

(hug, hug, hug). Ok, ready? BEAM ON! NICE! You might feel a “slight warming sensation”. :slight_smile:

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feeling sad and sorry for you

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Kick that tumor’s ass and then go to Disney.

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Good thoughts for you operation and recovery. Disney needs you.

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So sad to hear that, all the best for your operation and recovery.

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Same here…Take care my friend!

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Had my head down finishing a demo video, & have not had a chance to reply. Your health is very concerning.

As you are aware, I had a way of knowing this since Jan. That you are going to a change of treatment can be a good thing. I had a family member go the “ectomy” route & things went well. Being exhausted by power drugs is not sustainable. Good Luck.

When I saw the first post, I thought, “oh, he’s going cryptic, and I hope he does not get a ‘Say Hi to Walt’ comment out of ignorance”.

As for the video stuff, we are all standing on the shoulders of those before. Just by luck, I was doing stuff in Java in 2008, specifically with the bindings to OpenGL, called JOGL. It was for GPGPU, not graphics.

Anyway, Sun Micro is bought by Oracle, and JOGL is just cut. It was being developed by Ken Russell. He goes to Google, and was a large force in the creation of WebGL. That was a mystery trip, that got far enough to get us on board.

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You’re so right, for anyone facing a medical issue, please avoid the medication and have the crap taken out and change your diet and lifestyle as well. I’m sorry to discuss this on a technical forum, thus initially I just wanted to post to the Wingnut Chronicles - but couldn’t find on the forum.

So I want to continue to be friends with all of you, which means we all have to be healthy, which is not easy when you’re young and sitting at a desk all day long.

I was much more healthy at Sony Electronics as they provided standing desks and healthy food without batting an eye. I highly recommend you all follow the same regimen. Remember that all stories end in death. This is something they don’t teach you as a child… and they should. But that end game is manageable. But you have to start now. Please everyone, listen to the idiot who thought the end was never in sight.


we are all family
and anyone is powerful if they keep hope

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We are all family here… and I have imminence hope. I hope we will all come together one day on a beautiful beach. Perhaps in Thailand - which is a paradise to me. The stories I could tell…

Anyway I saw these guys 30 years ago playing live - and wanted to share how I felt among friends at the time.

Pure Joy!


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Does anybody have any news about Galen and his progress? @Pryme8 ? Got phone number/anything?

(Wingy keeps his fingers and toes crossed in high-hopes for 100% success.)


:frowning: i wish be

I can give him a call and see whats going on.


Wingy sniffs-around, looking for news-bits. I hope our Hollywood-famous super-hero is ok.

Wingy raises his Scepter of Worthlessness and says “ooon… yelly-mon”… to call forth the healing Gods… who reign supreme… from high-atop the thing… or something like that. He also crosses his fingers and toes.

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He did not pick up when I called. o_O.