Wolvic - new open source XR browser!

Open source browser from Mozilla - built for XR. Not under embargo anymore!! Yay :slight_smile:
Welcome to Wolvic


On the plus side, we now have a choice. The slight negative is that if you plan to deploy on the web, as opposed to Babylon Native, you probably need to test both.

If you are not going to deploy at all, like a back office tool scene, you can pick the one you want. I was disappointed that the Oculus browser did not have speech recognition. I would like to have text input fields without a keyboard. I can use this for my Studio Suite tool, if that is the case, to give poses a name as an example.

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Update, I got the Quest2 out last night & navigated to this page. When I go to the page linked, it said it would be available “soon”.

Today, I noticed I still had the page on a Tab from 2 days ago. It did not say “soon”, so either a typo was corrected, or something has happened.

I think it wasn’t supposed to come out till next week and maybe the website went up too early. Guess we will see soon if that is the case…

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I see now they are both available. Not gotten to it, but did see someone tweet about debugging using adb, from the desktop, apparently.

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