Words/Numbers instead of colors

Hello all!!I saw this website and had an idea for a game using this concept(similar to the old-school “Memory” game:

I want to use words and or numbers instead of colors but dont how to make the change. For example one card says 2+2 and another says 4. Is it possible to change it?

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Welcome back @Mekaboo.

Yes it is. Most straight forward would be to create images that contain the numbers and words you wanted and use them as texture.

Possibly more efficient and flexible would be to use Use Dynamic Texture - Babylon.js Documentation for your each of your card textures.

In either case you can put different images on the top and bottom using Apply Material to Individual Faces - Babylon.js Documentation for a box mesh or Apply Different Material to Front and Back - Babylon.js Documentation for a plane.

Give it a go, try a simplified version in a playground and ask if you have any issues.

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Thank ya so very much for the lovely welcome :sparkling_heart:

Will definitely look into this and try it out. I already have an idea of how I want things to look. Can’t wait to began😍

@Mekaboo My assumption from what I have read of your questions is that you want a thin box to represent a card. If you prefer to use a plane then replace box with plane in task1.

Task 1.
In a new PG draw a box with the width, height and depth you want it to be.


This part is done…what trying to do is getting a shuffle array and click animation happening. You know how when you place cards in a row and you flip one card over and then another to see if they match…that’s what I’m trying to achieve :blush:

Please read Help with errors within PG code

This is my condition for my help.

The way you are doing it is much too complicated. I am trying to help you. If you wish to continue from where you have got to that is good with me and I wish you well. However I can help with the problem as stated in this topic and will do so on this condition as previously stated.

I will give you a series of tasks/questions , when you have dealt with one task/ question I will go on to the next.

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Im looking for help and willing to take you help for sure…I appreciate this😊

Have to let ya know though have to work on task lata due to work