Would it be possible to make this in Babylon?

Hello! I’m very new, and I’m browsing game engines for a possible project. I’d like to achieve this kind of effect:

Would it be possible to achieve this in Babylon? Thank you!

Definitely, sprites would be the cheapest way to achieve it : Introduction To Sprites | Babylon.js Documentation

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Oh, thanks!

However, I was referring to the pixel-art-but-3D effect.

You could put together a shader to do this. Can get started with them here:

I thing it’s doable on any engine (kinda) with proper shaders. Babylon.js is heavily targeted for gaming development, so a bet that there is a ready to use solution. Three.js has a lot of modules made by community for different purposes tho.

Something like this?

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I found this in the old forum:

which has this PG by @nasimiasl:

it’s currently only working in BJS 4.0.3, though (use the dropdown to upper right of page to switch to that version).

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This is kind of that effect, there are quite a few ways to do this.

Now the dithering on the gradients would be the hardest part to keep consistent.


Yes, this is it! Thank you so much Pryme8!

I’ll give a further look into the engine now. Time to get to work!

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You have already tweeted this I think XD!

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