XR Rig Cameras access

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How i can get access to XR Rig Cameras 0 and 1?
I can get those from scene by name, but it bad way.

Perhaps some instanses like XRHelper or XRSession or…? has link to that cameras?
Unfortunatly i can’t fing that (

the xrCamera instance has rigCameras array with both cameras in it, but only after the session has started. Otherwise it might only have a single rig camera (or none)

Thank you for answer, but how is name of that array property? rigCameras?
Array not present in emulator mode and with real device (XRHelper.state is 2 (IN_XR)).

Make sure you read the right array, it must always be present:

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Yes, i see it in IDEA. And propertyes is present and has two pretty cameras ))

Hmm… probably focuses of console

Im sorry for question, but that property is missed in doc.

Thank you for help