Problem on pipeline with VR device

My device is Pico Neo 3. I use Pico Browser in it. One of the screens can’t render the filtered image by pipeline. I have no idea how to resolve it.
Appreciate for any answers, thanks

i’ll look into that. in first glance it seems like the code should work as is. thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

Got it.

XR cameras are being generated only when needed. Initially an XR camera only has one rig camera added. If there are more than 1 views new cameras are added. You can catch it in a few different ways. One of them is this:

Ther other is commented out in the XR promise resolution - once a frame is rendered, it is guaranteed that the number of cameras are correct, so adding the xr cameras afterwards will work. But the simplest way is to add any camera that is added to the scene to the pipeline cameras array. It will fit most use-cases (unless you use cameras for more advanced features. In that case you will need to filter the cameras you add, but that’s just adding a properly configured if statement).

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