XRHitTest unsupported on HL2 despite saying it is

Hello everyone,

We’re doing some work to make sure our code runs well on HoloLens 2, with the latest Insider build and Chromium-based Edge browser.

In the current codebase we attempt to enable the XrHitTest feature after testing the availability of the feature. On our Android phones, the code runs properly. On HoloLens 2, the device reports the availability of the XrHitTest feature, but there’s an error when entering the Xr Session if said feature is enabled.

I have made a playground designed to run on HL2.

You’ll see that it fails when entering Xr only if we have enabled the Hit Test: Could not create a session because: No runtimes supported the requested configuration.

I don’t really know if the issue comes from the HL2 Edgium WebXR implementation or from BabylonJS, but thought it at least deserved some discussion on the internet :slight_smile:


Adding @syntheticmagus

Hi ThomasNigro,

Just spoke to @lehoangphu about this, and apparently XrHitTest on HoloLens 2 is not officially supported yet; the mistaken report of support for it is a browser bug. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!