3D VideoTexture

(While in XR) Is there a way to create a videotexture for a framed 1920x1080 3D (left/right) video? Is there any basic example with code?

I can get into XR. I can show a 3D 360 video with videodome and specify the up/down or left/right mode; and I can play a 2D framed video with videotexture, (in XR). But I have not found a way to show a 3D framed video (as an element of an XR scene).

An example of what I am trying to do is in this URL:

Stereo Video Player

I’d like to do that with BABYLON.

Is there a simple way to tell videotexture I have a 3D left/right video? Is there some sample/example code?

(Since I already am in XR, using a stereoscopic camera seems to be the wrong approach; is that true? I tried to use is3D, but I may not have used it correctly, or something else (left/right?) might be needed.)



Interesting. Following. Sry, @qporit I have no answer for you (but I’m supportive;). Actually, 'Just wanted to state my interest for this topic (and will of course gladly soak-up the input;). I have a project/idea to create a scene with a holographic sphere with displaced vertices/planes, each hosting a video. I would like to go XR for this 2021 project.
Here’s a concept art from 2011 (credits: aiven)

Please, one of the Big Heads;) of BJS, tell us that this is achievable in BJS in 2021… :thinking:

Thx for the comment, Mawa. Note that if the videos themselves are 2D videos you can do that now with videotexture on the components of the “deformed” sphere. My question arises if the videos themselves are 3D (stereographic) videos.

Mawa. You can do this. See Stereoscopic side by side video - #6 by qporit.