3D XR Recording Camera

I’d like a 3D XR Recording Camera. It would record (render) the 3D scene in action as a 3D stereoscopic equirectangular mp4 file. The location of the camera and the direction it faces would be programmable as the application runs. It could be a 1st person camera, or a 3rd person.

Type - 1) It would be nice if it were real time, but it could just record a sequence of still frames which could then be combined to a video.

Type - 2) It would be able to record in real time and be exported to a video editing console or compositor to compose video from multiple sources in real time.

Type - 3) It would be able to run in a webXR scene created by some other application.

It each case, it would be the same as a camera that sends stereoscopic data to a headset, except that it would record the entire 360 x 180 (4Pi) Dome and not just the FOV for the HMD.

Some use cases would be:

a) Use Babylon to create ​3D 360 VR videos.
b) Use Babylon to create 3D 360 videos or live streams which incorporate volumetric video from a separate stream.
c) Record events in webXR. For example, an event in a webXR social application like Hubs, or in a social application native to Babylon.js.
d) Record the experience as a person plays a game (or visits an experience) written in Babylon.

This kind of functionality seems to available in Unreal, probably in Unity, and definitely (at least Type 1 – see link) in Blender.

How to Render a 3D VR Video from Blender
Blender Tutorial: How to Render 3D VR Video from Blender | VeeR VR Blog

It could be very powerful and useful in Babylon.

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@RaananW knows all about our XR stack so he might have some ideas.

This is less about XR and more about generating a video from a 3D scene that can be viewed in the video dome (for example), and of course in XR too.

It’s a nice feature to have, I totally agree. This is something we can think about for future releases, would you mind adding a feature request on github referencing this thread when commenting?

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