[3dsMax] After exporting, Boolean object loses its texture

If you create a Plane and a Box in 3ds Max,
and then combine them with Boolean, you will get this:

But after exporting the model loses its texture:

It doesn’t depend on the material and I can’t fix it in any way. Can I replace Boolean with something similar? Or is it a bug?

Ping @Drigax

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We don’t really support exporting procedural geometry currently, Can you try converting the mesh to an Editable Poly before exporting?

I took another look at this, It appears that 3dsMax gives the boundary vertices of the boolean operation a vertex color of [0,0,0,0]…strange. I couldn’t figure out a workflow in-editor to prevent this, so I was able to add some additional logic to avoid zeroing out the mesh vertex color when this happens.

It didn’t help, but I converted to patch, then to NURBS, and it almost worked!
Now somehow I need to return the original texture (I don’t know what NURBS is)

Oh. I tried the new version and everything works.