8k ghost-texture

I encountered a strange behaviour in my project: In The inspector i get five “ghost”-Textures all named “no name”, varying in size from 0x0 to 8192x2. I assume they are somehow procedural generated… I don’t think they are babylon-js generated (like a reflection-texture), because they are not named?
I load roundabout 40 different models, coming frome different sources, consisting of different meshes and materials into my scene… :confused:

is it possible, that there is a material in one of the loaded models (all exported as glb from blender), that somehow triggers a procedural texture? When i call this.scene.onNewTextureAddedObservable.add((texture) and print the textures i see, that the 8k texture is generated(?) after my scene is ready…

what would be the best approch to track these textures down? in the assetsManager while loading the models i printed the names of all materials and all textures of the loaded models, but there is no “no name”…?

Has someone encountered something like this before? can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks! :slight_smile:


screenshot of the inspector:

log of the texture:

_buffer: null
_cachedBaseSize: Object { width: 0, height: 0 }
_cachedCoordinatesMode: -1
_cachedHomogeneousRotationInUVTransform: false
_cachedProjectionMatrixId: -1
_cachedSize: Object { width: 8192, height: 2 }
_cachedTextureMatrix: null
_cachedUAng: -1
_cachedUOffset: -1
_cachedURotationCenter: -1
_cachedUScale: 0
_cachedVAng: -1
_cachedVOffset: -1
_cachedVRotationCenter: -1
_cachedVScale: 0
_cachedWAng: -1
_cachedWRotationCenter: -1
_coordinatesIndex: 0
_coordinatesMode: 0
_creationFlags: undefined
_delayedOnError: function L(e, i)
_delayedOnLoad: function N()
_deleteBuffer: false
_depth: 1
_engine: Object { _name: "WebGL", forcePOTTextures: false, isFullscreen: false, … }
_forceSerialize: false
_forcedExtension: undefined
_format: null
_gammaSpace: true
_getAlphaFromRGB: false
_hasAlpha: false
_initialSamplingMode: 3
_invertY: false
_isBlocking: true
_isCube: false
_loaderOptions: undefined
_loadingError: false
_mimeType: undefined
_noMipmap: true
_onDisposeObserver: null
_parentContainer: null
_prefiltered: false
_projectionModeMatrix: null
_rowGenerationMatrix: null
_scene: Object { rootNodes: (12) […], cameras: (1) […], lights: (1) […], … }
_t0: null
_t1: null
_t2: null
_texture: Object { samplingMode: 1, _useMipMaps: true, _comparisonFunction: 0, … }
_uid: null
_useSRGBBuffer: false
_wrapU: 1
_wrapV: 1
animations: Array []
anisotropicFilteringLevel: 4
delayLoadState: 0
format: 5
homogeneousRotationInUVTransform: false
inspectableCustomProperties: null
invertZ: false
isRenderTarget: false
level: 1
lodLevelInAlpha: false
metadata: null
name: ""
onDisposeObservable: Object { _observers: [], _eventState: {…} }
onLoadObservable: Object { _observers: [], _eventState: {…} }
reservedDataStore: null
uAng: 0
uOffset: 0
uRotationCenter: 0.5
uScale: 1
uniqueId: 4973
url: null
vAng: 0
vOffset: 0
vRotationCenter: 0.5
vScale: 1
wAng: 0
wRotationCenter: 0.5
wrapR: 1

They could definitely be the textures in use for skeletons or morph targets animations if you have any in your models ?


Hello @fab just checking in if you still have issues and would like any more help :slight_smile:

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hey @carolhmj, hey @sebavan,

thanks for your replies, sorry for the delay in answering, i had to finish the projekt first… → FM3D | science communication // virtual showroom

i seems, that @sebavan was right: The 8k-texture was from some animation created in blender, the “gthost-textures” seem to be somehow related with the skeletons. After adding some more NPCs i now have 18 of this textures in my project…

Are those needed by BJS? Can i get rid of them? :slight_smile: Or are they irrelevant (performance/memory-wise)?

Hello! If they’re used by the skeletons they’ll still be needed :slight_smile:

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