A Exporter for Probe

I used to use procedure skybox to render the sky. Sometimes I need to create a lit renderring environment. I need to export the procedure skybox as a .env. I try to export them from px to nz, and load them with

It always render wrong

I think this tool will make bbl easy to use and easy to export

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Isnt it what @mawa was working on ?

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May be you forget to rotate *py and *ny ?

From the unwraped 2D texture, the ‘py’ tile needs to be rotated by -Math.PI/2 and the ‘ny’ tile rotated by Math.PI/2.

@sebavan I was just making a photoshop template. I didn’t plan to turn it into a tool or a node material to generate procedural skybox. So no, it’s not just exactly the same. But I guess part of the base of building is similar.

But then, I will be interested in seeing what your tool does. :yum: :grin:

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I rotate each face to make it display correct, it is a huge work. :grin: