"A problem repeatedly occured" on iOS 14.5 with minimal setup


I’m using BabylonJS 3.9 on my website and have received error reports by users with iOS 14.5. When I tried to debug those problems, I ended up receiving “A problem repeatedly occured” problems in Safari. Both in the Simulator for iOS 14.5 and on a real device. Also happens when I disable WebGL 2.

I’ve extracted a minimal example where the error occurs:

Open that with iOS 14.5 and it should show the error.

As the example is pretty minimal, I don’t know what the problem might be or how I can debug this. Is this a problem with BabylonJS?

Thank you in advance

I would advise to move to pour latest version and unfortunately 14.5 has been unfamously known to have all sorts of issues regarding WebGL :frowning: without real workaround but to update ios.