Add a slider to the animation selection

Some of my GLTF files have a wide array of animations used in game dev. I would love to be able to browse all the animations, right now I can zoom out using the browser (CTRL -) to view the entire list.

Software I’m exporting from it VoxEdit, used in tandem within the Sandbox Metaverse ecosystem.

Could you share once of those files with us ? (it might help fixing the issue)

And I bet @Deltakosh will have a pleasure to fix it :slight_smile:

Couldn’t attach the zip here because I’m a new user, here’s a link to the template human figure on google drive:

Thanks for you response

If @Deltakosh doesn’t mind I can also do it :smiley:

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Please :smiley:

Add scrollbar, search text and tooltip on animation selection tool. by carolhmj · Pull Request #12860 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js ( PR here I added a search box too so to avoid having to scroll too much :rofl: