Add button to trouser


am trying to replace the blazer buttons with the below one.

i created the .stl file from the button image and imported into blender and tried to add the button to the armature by selecting button and armature(ctrl-p) am getting below
message “Bone Heating failed…”

pls suggest what best can be done or some better way to be handled ?

Maybe someone can help you here, but you should also ask this question in the Blender forum, as it concerns the use of Blender, so there is a good chance that someone can help you there.

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i am sorry, was surrounded by tech issues. somehow missed it

Hello. Apologies for the bump, but if the issue described still exists, would you mind sharing the blend so that others can take a peak at it?

There is also this useful resource on a few possible solutions for the error you’re getting: