Add property path to controls in the Inspector

When I changed some property in the Inspector I want to know which property I schould change in my code to have the same effect.
It will helpful to have at least tooltip near the label of control.

For example, I tune the “Bump strength” and I dont know what is this property. So currently I search label text in the repository and got this code:

  label="Bump strength"

Finally, I know that correct property path is material.clearCoat.bumpTexture.level.

But if we have that path in the label then I should not go to github search. For example:

  label="Bump strength (material.clearCoat.bumpTexture.level)"

For example, look how it made in the Blender, every control has tooltip for python path to the propery:

And more, we even can copy that path here:

They might not all be as straightforward unfortunately. You could rely on the scene recorder to directly create the code delta you would need.

Adding @RaananW to see what he thinks as well.

I agree with both - it will be nice to have it, but it’s not so straightforward. And the change recorder could provide better experience than searching the code, that’s for sure.
The reason i personally think it’s not that straightforward is that the inspector didn’t always change the base object’s variable directly. Sometimes it’s an object that is a member of the specific class, sometimes we have constants or enums. The general UX will probably not be consistent.
Also not sure a tooltip will be the best option here. Maybe @PatrickRyan can pitch in for a good way to show the property name.

But in general, i like this suggestion. Maybe we can combine it with some form of a live display of the scene recorder, so you can see what variable was changed during a recording?

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