Material plugins on the inspector

I know it’s impossible to make a general solution for material plugins on the inspector, but it’d be nice to have some way to support them. As a first solution, getting a list of plugins for a material would be interesting, and perhaps someway to console.log() the plugin instance would already be immensely helpful, even if it’s a crude approach. I’d be very happy with this for starters.

For a more definitive solution, I don’t know if it’d be viable to create components in the app to actually provide a proper UI for plugins. It seems like a lot of work that nobody would ever use – I know I wouldn’t bother with writing a GUI for a plugin. But perhaps the plugins could declare its variables, each with data such as their type (mapped to compoennts like CheckboxLineComponent or TextureLinkLineComponent), label and propertyName, and a general plugin component could use that to create the UI automatically binding it dynamically. Looking at the PBR material plugin components this seems it would work for them.

I usually offer myself to implement the crazy stuff I suggest, but unfortunately I can’t get more than 24 hours per day and I still have to find a way to get back to working full time on 3D stuff.

Well I believe that listing the plugins for a material would not be too much :wink: Something that I’m ok to check at some point

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