Advanced Terrain with LOD

Could it be possible for Babylon to integrate a new, more advanced type of terrain with LOD. This would make it possible to create large plots of land.
What is close to the camera offers terrain with more detail and far away with less detail. This would be a great addition to Babylon. So we could add more subdivision to a piece of land.

Why, because to create streams, if we don’t subdivide the land enough, the rivers/streams are very wide. it is not harmonious and forms a sawtooths.

A plot of land with LOD would make for prettier terrain.


Sounds like a great idea! Do you have link to some algorithms or examples that are doing it?

An example,vid:Zr2owxzpJ_0,st:0

For the algorithm, I don’t really know where to look. I found this :

@Pryme8 had started something with Babylon, but I don’t know where this project stands.


Excellent! thanks!!

Just adding: Geometry clipmaps incl texture splatting from 2011


These three are from same guy comparing techniques, including the opengl clipmap demo @Joe_Kerr linked.
.GitHub - tschie/terrain-linear-quadtree-level-differences: Terrain Demo using Linear Quadtree with Level Differences

.GitHub - tschie/geo-clipmap: Demo of Geometry Clipmap technique for terrain LOD rendering

.GitHub - tschie/terrain-cdlod: Terrain demo using CDLOD

Webgpu indirect draw (author is lead at sketchfab i think)
.GitHub - cedricpinson/webgpu-quadtree-compute-shader: WebGPU sample about quad tree evaluation with compute shader using indirect dispatch and indirect draw