Always get a deformation spike from 3ds max

I always Get this weird deformation when i export my character… The character is fine in 3ds! Any clue


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Checking @PatrickRyan or @PirateJC to see if they can help

Is the model rigged?

I have tried both with and without rig I have the same result… its a Daz model export with the daz to max exporter…

@EricDag, this looks to be a weighting problem. Did you mirror weights in the skinning process? Are all the weights normalized? And you said exporting the mesh with no skin (option in the exporter window) still produces the same thing?

If exporting with no skin still renders incorrectly, I would try a mesh cleanup operation to make sure there are no problems in the geometry.

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Thanks a lot i’ll check all this… i’ll give you news… For the export with no skin I dont see the option

Ok I have removed all the bones… and it works the problem is in the bones… i think it cause by the bone affect limit of 8 of Babylon!!!
Any idea

well yes: you need to get back to 8 bones per vertex:)

Yes but at 8 i got the spikes problem…

Do you manage to get your skin working without going over 8? In 3dsmax I mean

No except by removing all the bones

Im trying to isolate wich bones are problematic

Ok please keep us posted :wink:

When a vertex of a mesh is assigned to a skeleton, but has a weight of 0 (meaning no bone is influencing it), you’ll get those weird artifacts. In Max, do some weird poses to quickly get a visual of non-weighted vertices.
To make sure this is the actual problem, try weighting All vertices to a single bone and see if this fixes the problem.


After I have verified with the Weight table in the problematic area all vertex have a weight and look pretty well distributed. All the pose test is looking good in max. The problematic area look like the eyes, mouth, nose, cheek and arm pit…

Thanks for your help

I really think this is cause by the limitation of 8 bone influences by vertex. The region where I have problem look like regions that have many bone influences. I really need to figure it out by the end of the week. If someone want to coach me or helping find the solution im willing to pay for that help


Can you try to export from Max to .obj / .fbx / … (I don’t know the export formats supported by Max, but you should choose a format that support skinning) then from this format to gltf and see how it goes?

If it still does not work, that would suggest the problem is not with the exporter but with your model.

Also, did you try the gltf file in another gltf viewer (like, just to be sure?

Another thing: are you able to provide a PG the displays your gltf file? That may help to dig further.

Here’s a link for max and baylon files

Ok, there was a bug when parsing the bone indices, corrected by this PR:


WOW !!! Thanks i’ll check this tomorrow