Ammo.js convex mesh hull

Hey @trevordev … or @Deltakosh… how do I setup a mesh imposter as a convex mesh hull so two mesh imposters can collide with other ???

See: Physics on a convex mesh? - Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum

I don’t think this is supported by any of the physics plugins.

Yo @trevordev and @Deltakosh and @Wingnut … Im getting pretty good at the underlying Ammo.js API

I am able to to set MUCH MORE native physics options… Like NO_CONTACT_RESPONSE for triggers and Freezing Linear and Angular Constraints…

Now I create support for Ammo.btConvexHullShape … Works Smoothly too.

I now support the ENTIRE Unity Physics System (Re-Implented In babylon.js using Ammo.js and exported from Unity as gltf metadata)

Including the native Rigidbody, Physics Materials and all Unity Colliders… Including generating COLLISION VOLUMES for all collider types.

Check out my Ammo PR Ammo.btConvexHullShape Support by MackeyK24 · Pull Request #5952 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


I have tested Alpha-28 builds with Ammo.btConvexHullShape.

I even added a new Tool in Babylon Editor Tools called “Create Copy Mesh”… This allows you to copy any Unity mesh. It has options to SCALE and CONVEX the copied mesh.

So you can easily create LOWER-POLY CONVEX MESHES (basically simplified meshes with no holes) to use as collision meshes (with or without the mesh collider ‘Convex’ option enabled)

If you have the Unity Mesh Collider Component ‘Convex’ option checked, it just tells Babylon to use the ConvexHullImpostor. You can still use a LOWER-POLY CONVEX MESH with the regular MeshImpostor. Just DON’T check the ‘Convex’ option on the Unity Mesh Collider component.

Everything works beautiful. All right from the Editor Toolkit :slight_smile: